Kids explore Science in Businesses

Lego employee's children explore science with children from curative educational institutions

During the holidays, Lego employee’s children and children from a curative educational institution based in Munich unfold their scientific curiosity at the institution’s site in Grasbrunn, Munich in Germany. With this, Lego ideally combines childcare with social engagement.

Each day, the children tackle a different theme, such as electricity, mountains and valleys, or space. Each exploration day consists of experiments, creative modelling, playful games and relaxing with book-reading and/or music. Allowing children to explore a scientific topic and to investigate this topic from different viewpoints is the goal of each of these exploration days.

When investigating electricity, for example, the following questions can be asked: What is electricity? How does electricity generate light? How does a battery work? How does a switch work? What is an electromagnet?

The kids are devided into groups according to their age and maturity. Each group explores an aspect of the overarching theme, with the difficulty of aspects depending on their age. The creative aspects of the day are also adapted to fit the theme and the children’s preferences. During the games, which almost always take place outdoors, all children from the various groups are reunited.

Lego provides for the catering and without question contribute many of their own play materials during the breaks.

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