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What is ScienceLab?

Have you ever observed a child playing in and with water? Have you noticed the precision and logic accompanied by enthusiasm and persistence? It has been this sparkle of scientific zeal that moved us to follow that one vision: To introduce children to natural science at an early age with a hands-on approach, to take their questions seriously and to support them enthusiastically and in a professional manner. Our world grows more and more into a knowledge-based space. Only a solid education that teaches our children the basics of natural science and the way to find answers to any question, no matter what area it comes from, will prepare them for the challenges ahead. Therefore, we developed ScienceLab as a space to learn, to investigate and to discover.

ScienceLab was created as a private initiative in 2002 after recognizing that the German school system does not promote early passion for science. Both kindergarten and primary school programs lack age-compliant concepts for inquiry-based learning of natural science. This leaves educators, teachers and parents insecure about how to respond to children’s questions in a better way than delivering a one-off answer. For this purpose, a curriculum has been developed that appeals to the minds of children as young as 4 years and up to 12-year olds. They discover the world that surrounds them in a small group of peers, best on a well-proven inquiry-based methodology.

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After school and vacation programs

Children have a million questions about their world. In our after school and vacation programs they find their answers by testing their ideas with simple experiments and fun activities. Our dedicated teachers act as facilitators and help them to come to their own conclusions. Some of our programs are workshops for children and their parents. 

Kinder entdecken Oberflächenspannung

School and pre-school programs

In co-teaching with preschool and primary school teachers we help them to deliver meaningful science content to their young students. Not only do the students enjoy the science experiments and activities but also the teachers learn by cooperating with the ScienceLab staff and will be able to continue using their acquired skills after the project has finished. 

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Programs with partners

Many of our projects only become possible due to the generous commitment of companies and foundations that take their responsibility for the next generation seriously. We develop projects that mutually take into account our partners social responsibility goals as well as the needs of schools, students, teachers and parents. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can become a partner see some examples by clicking on the logos below. 

Award winning programs

Dr. Heike Schettler, the founder of ScienceLab was one of the first Ashoka fellows elected in Germany (2006). Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker.
Ashoka Fellow
Dr. Heike Schettler
ScienceLab belongs to the Robert Bosch Foundation Network "The Responsible People" since 2011. It is awarded to people and organisations that find creative solutions for social challenges.
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Die Verantwortlichen
In 2019 ScienceLab received the seal of approval called "Wirkt!" awarded by Phineo. This seal is awarded to non-profit organisations that go through a rigorous examination and audit process and that can proof, that all of their projects have a sustainable and persistent positive effect on society.
Phineo Wirkt Siegel
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